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 With the specific gravity of only 2.6 to 2.7, the aluminum alloy ingot is light and excellent in corrosion resistance, and is widely used in motor vehicles, industrial machinery, pneumatic tools, precision machinery, computer communications equipment, daily living utilities, etc. The secondary aluminum ingots are made by utilizing waste aluminum products, recycling and reusing or adding primary aluminum in accordance with international standards or special requirements, and then adding a variety of different specifications of
alloys required for melting. The purpose for adding different aluminum alloys is to improve the deficiencies of pure aluminum in castability and chemical and physical properties. With resources in the world gradually becoming scarce, the easy reproductive property of aluminum makes secondary aluminum alloy ingots an environmentally friendly and economical choice that is not only energy-saving, but also forms a good resource recycling chain.
We implement a comprehensive and strict quality control system for each SOP procedure (degassing, refining and filtering) of the smelting process, from the selection of raw materials to the choosing of the latest equipment and optimum working method, for the production of our premium aluminum alloy ingot. "Quality First" is our most basic commitment to customers, and the most stringent demand for ourselves, to ensure that every aluminum ingot consistently has the highest quality state.
Product Specifications
Ingot Weight Ingot Size
6.0~7.0kg per pc 670 x 92 x52mm
Bundle Size Packing Types
1000kg packing-680x680x1100mm protective Plastic Bag
Package Description: No painting, PE packing tape with strapping (Longitudinal & Transverse)
Label Description:
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